“The Hesston 2900 Series features design enhancements that keep pace with the productivity needs of our largest hay and livestock-feeding customers,” says Dean Morrell, product marketing manager for hay and forage equipment. “The Hesston legacy of innovation and commitment to quality is evident in the detailed engineering and rigorous testing that this Series has undergone.”

The 2900 Series offers two models, the MF2946 that produces a four-foot-by-six-foot bale and the MF2956 that creates a five-foot-by-six-foot bale. Both models are available with either auto-tie or Hesston’s industry-leading Auto-Cycle TMthat automates bale formation from start to finish. The new balers leave the factory with defined, factory-set specifications for baler settings, hydraulic functions and belt tracking so they’re ready to go to work with minimal set-up. Thorough 35-minute testing puts each baler through its paces to ensure it arrives on the farm needing only to be adjusted to that day’s crop and field conditions.

Built for Smooth, Consistent Feeding

The 2900 Series balers feature a redesigned rotor feeder system with adjustable feed auger strippers and plenty of room above the side augers to smoothly pull the crop into the bale chamber. High intake capacity comes from a wide and functional pickup design similar to that of industry-leading Hesston large square balers. This helps ensure more crop is baled faster, despite tough field conditions such as damp or uneven windrows.

Designed for Fast, Uniform Baling

Auto-Cycle ensures that 2900 Series round balers produce more uniform results in less time and the Hesston-exclusive Quad Cylinders System provides absolute control over belt and bale tension for uniform bale density.

Other features include real-time monitoring with the C1000 monitor for greater control of baler functions, an advanced mesh wrap design that streamlines loading and maintenance, and a single 5.5-inch tailgate roller that offers more durability and improved cycle time from gate open to close.

Engineered to Take on Tough Crops

Challenging conditions are no threat to the 2900 Series. The Rotor Stuffer Drive System controls the crop from the pick-up to the baler. This will provide better feeding and faster feeding in all crops including residue crops such as corn stalks, soybean residue and wheat stubble.

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