Hesston by Massey Ferguson, the hay equipment brand from AGCO, introduced the 2200 Series large square baler at the 2013 Farm Progress show in Decatur, Ill. The 2200 Series builds upon Hesston’s reputation for reliable, high-capacity large square balers and rock-solid bales. New features engineered into the 2200 Series help custom harvesters and producers bale a wider variety of crops, particularly crop residue, under a broad range of conditions.

“With increasing crop yields, the need to bale excess residue like straw and corn stalks is really driving demand for balers such as the 2200 Series. Baling is a management solution that gets excess residue off the field to help ensure top yields the following year,” says Dean Morrell, product marketing manager for hay and forage. “The

growing biomass fuels industry also requires a durable, reliable machine with the capability to handle a wide range of crops, often in less-than-perfect conditions. The 2200 Series has this type of capacity.”

More Crops, More Conditions

A key feature of the 2200 Series baler is a new packer cutter system offered on the MF2250 model. It features a three-row packer to actively pull the crop across six spring-loaded stationary knives located in the floor of the packer chamber. This highly efficient system easily reduces the crop into four-inch sections for better distribution and smoother flow into the baler, to ensure that whatever operators choose to bale, they get consistently dense, well-shaped, Hesston-quality bales that are ideal for transport, storage and preserving crop quality. The packer cutter forces a smooth-flowing supply of crop material through the cutter knives, even when material is damp or windrows are uneven. This straightforward, high-capacity system operates consistently and efficiently, resulting in Hesston-quality bales regardless of crop type or condition.

All 2200 Series models also include a selectable-length bale ejector. Bale length is set by a lever located on the rear left side of the bale chamber that controls how many rows of ejector teeth are engaged in the bottom of the chamber floor to eject a full or partial bale. Operators who frequently change bale length can add the optional electronic bale-length system, allowing them to set the bale length from the tractor cab using the C1000 baler monitor. This time-saving option comes in handy when frequently changing fields.

Durability Upgrades for Reduced Downtime

The 2200 Series features an optional automatic chain lubrication system that services key drive chains including the packer, the cutter and the stuffer/knotter chains. The timing and duration of lubrication is controlled from the tractor cab using the C1000 baler monitor. The automatic lubrication system extends chain life and saves operators from having to stop and oil or replace the chains. This allows more time for baling.

All models with tandem axles have also been uprated for greater durability in tougher field conditions. Tandem-axle models receive stronger axle hardware, including wheel hubs and studs, for fewer problems in the field, less downtime and increased productivity throughout the year. Larger tires are also available for tandem-axle balers. The optional 620/40-22.5 radial tires provide a larger footprint, therefore reducing ground pressure and compaction, which can lead to decreased yield.

The MF2270XD — For Extra-Dense Bales, Hay or Biomass

Custom harvesters and large-scale farmers can create extra-dense 3-foot-by-4-foot bales, even with difficult, dirty or wet crops, using the new MF2270XD. It produces bales that are 15 percent denser than the standard MF2270 baler, and are therefore more efficient to stack, load, transport and store. The MF2270XD is engineered with the durability to handle the demands of heavier bales and features larger hydraulic tension cylinders equipped with heavier pivots as well as heavy-duty plunger arms, flywheel, gearbox and driveline. With its upgraded hardware and increased durability, including the Opti-Form TM extended-length bale chamber that is now 16 inches longer, the MF2270XD is perfect for baling corn stalks, wheat straw and energy crops.

“The MF2270XD, like the MF2170XD before it, is a great baler for biomass,” says Glenn Farris, marketing manager for biomass. “We’ve learned quite a bit through our research with Iowa State University, including the importance of large square balers in making the biomass harvest efficient, economical and reliable. Hesston’s XD model large square balers lead the industry in producing bales with the density, moisture content, storability and transportability needed to deliver a consistent supply of material like corn stover, wheat straw or Miscanthus to biofuels facilities.”

Choose Your Bale Size

The 2200 Series offers several models in addition to the 2270XD, each with design features for specific needs.

The MF2250, which produces 3-foot-by-3-foot bales, is ideal for small- to medium-sized dairy and livestock operators who want a high-capacity machine, but prefer a smaller bale that’s easier to handle. The new packer cutter system features a three-row packer that pulls the crop across six loaded stationary knives located in the floor of the packer chamber. This incredibly efficient system provides operators maximum flexibility to choose cut length depending on the crop and conditions encountered.

The MF2270 steps up to 3-foot-by-4-foot bales, making it perfect for custom hay operators and commercial beef and dairy farmers who prefer their bales to be wider but not so tall, which is handy in certain storage and transport situations.

For commercial operations and custom hay producers who need to move the most amount of hay in the least amount of time, the MF2290 produces 4-foot-by-4-foot bales that weigh up to a ton each. Like the MF2270XD, the MF2290 benefits from the new Opti-Form extended-length bale chamber that is 16 inches longer than the 2100 Series balers. This increase in size allows producers to pack in more material in each bale, creating bales that are rock solid, well formed and stack like bricks.

For more information about Hesston hay equipment, including the new 2200 Series large square balers, visit www.hesston.com.