Case IH officially launched the new Early Riser 5 series planters, designed to help farmers maximize their yield potential and consistently produce in varying conditions with an expanding range of genetics and seed treatments.

NEW CASE IH EARLY RISER 5 SERIES PLANTERS DELIVER PHOTOCOPY PLANTS AND HIGHER YIELD POTENTIAL“Every farmer knows how critical it is to plant within the optimum window to achieve maximum yields,” says Bill Hoeg, Case IH Planter Marketing Manager in North America. “Our new Early Riser 5 series planters are engineered based upon Case IH Agronomic Design principles and use multiple patented features to provide accurate and consistent seed placement, moving farmers beyond picket fence stands to photocopy plants so that they can realize higher yields.

“We’ve updated the Early Riser design, including the bulk fill system, meter drives and seed monitoring, to help farmers make the most of modern genetics and seed treatments and get more done,” he adds.

Farmers will get the earlier, more uniform stands they have come to expect from Case IH Early Riser planters, but new features on the 5 series lineup will result in improved seed handling capabilities while delivering more uptime, reliability and agronomic benefit than ever before.

For example, the all-new AccuStat advanced seed sensing system allows farmers to monitor and map detailed seed spacing information live on the AFS Pro 700 display. This high-performance seed sensor provides greater accuracy while allowing continuous monitoring and immediate adjustments to maintain seed placement consistency on a per row basis. With the unique Advanced Seed Meter, singulation adjustment system, you can make individual row adjustments to optimize spacing without making planter wide changes in speed, vacuum or pressure, or down-pressure that might slow down your productivity in terms of acres covered per hour.

The AccuStat system monitors seed singulation, skips and multiples. It also provides the spacing coefficient of variation (CV) that gives farmers the ability to compare the quality of spacing between different rows, speeds and populations.  AccuStat accurately monitors most seed crops.

Increased Productivity

Redesigned bulk fill delivery enhancements for models 1245, 1255 and 1265 make filling easier and allow producers to make fewer stops. The enhancements create a best-in-class inductor design with improved sealing, filling and hose systems.

“This new bulk fill system provides reliable seed delivery from the tank to the mini hopper, no matter the seed population or seed coating, so you can take advantage of the yield benefits associated with these practices,” Hoeg says. “Thousands of seed coatings, seed sizes and seed type combinations were tested. Hundreds of hours were spent running seed combinations through the bulk fill system to verify unmatched seed delivery.”

The bulk fill system can deliver challenging seed sizes, such as sunflowers and sweet corn, adding productivity for customers who might have purchased on-row hoppers for these crops. Filling bulk fill tanks to capacity is easily accomplished without pushing seed, which means less fatigue, quicker filling and more productivity.

The new AccuDrive seed meter cable drive systems have been built for efficient, no maintenance and trouble-free service, adding even more reliability to the Advanced Seed Meter.

The new Early Riser 5 series planters move quickly and easily from field to field, offering intuitive operation with fewer, simpler adjustments and allowing farmers the flexibility needed to speed up planting while maintaining seed placement accuracy when bad weather is on the horizon.

Unmatched Uniformity

The 5 series planters continue to feature the legendary Early Riser row unit that has 12 unique features that all contribute to earlier, more uniform emergence. Research data demonstrates the Early Riser row unit produces a 6 to 10 percent better Net Effective Stand or Photocopy plant stand over conventional row units. This is based on Case IH-collected data of more than 162,000 plant measurements taken on more than 20 sites in six states over four growing seasons.

“Early Riser planters help growers go beyond picket fence stands to deliver photocopy – or uniform emergence, same leaf stage plants,” Hoeg explains. “While picket fence stands are needed, photocopy plants are the key to impacting and growing the biggest yields.”