REGINA, Saskatchewan, June 21, 2013 — Versatile, Canada’s only tractor manufacturer, is introducing a brand new tractor for the North American market. The new Versatile DeltaTrack, a four-track machine with industry-leading technology, is the first track machine to carry the Versatile name.

Model 450DT
Model 450DT
Model 450DT

The Versatile DeltaTrack was designed to offer an integrated track solution. In conjunction with Camoplast, an industry-leading track manufacturer, Versatile engineers designed the DeltaTrack to be a dedicated track machine instead of simply adding track assemblies to an existing platform. Two track width options will be available, 30” and 36”.

The integrated track undercarriage mounting system includes a reinforced connection to the tractor frame so that the frame absorbs load, reducing stress on the undercarriage and track components. The large one- piece cast drive sprocket features industry-leading drive bar engagement for better torque transfer and long life. 8.5” drive lugs are the largest in the industry and eliminate the chance of track slippage. The specially engineered wrap angle puts less stress on the track to enhance the longevity of the track.

The idler wheels and midrollers are polyurethane coated and offer a significantly longer wear life when compared to rubber coated midrollers. The large idler wheels offer an excellent approach angle and a gradual wrap angle to minimize track stress and improve performance in soft or wet field conditions. The midrollers are positioned to provide a better ride and less shock transfer to the frame, cab and operator. The double-axis midroller system also offers better weight transfer and minimizes vibrations, providing a better ride over straight or angled obstacles.

The undercarriage and track system on the Versatile DeltaTrack has been designed to be reliable, durable and easy to service and maintain, reflecting Versatile design principles. The simple maintenance requirements of the track system are serviceable in-field.

The tractor base platform includes a Cummins QSX 15-liter engine that meets interim Tier 4 emissions standards and offers unbeatable power and torque without the requirement of additional fuels – no urea is required. The engine is coupled to a CAT TA-22 16-speed powershift transmission that has been designed for smooth shifting and industrial-strength durability. The power arrives at the track assembly through the proven Versatile outboard planetary axles that have been proven through decades of use. This final drive system can be serviced without the removal of the track system. Operation of the DeltaTrack is done comfortably in the largest cab in the agriculture industry offering unbeatable visibility.

Available for early order now from Versatile dealers, the DeltaTrack will begin full production this fall in three horsepower sizes including 450, 500 and 550 horsepower.