On Nov. 7, BKT launched its first rubber track for the agricultural market: AGRIFORCE BK T71, the first of a brand-new series of BKT rubber tracks particularly for high-power tractors employed in soil tillage and row crop applications

"The overall advantage of rubber tracks is enhanced productivity and performance, since track-driven tractors can run at higher speeds in the fields at the same power and show increased fuel efficiency," the BKT press release said.

The AGRIFORCE BK T71 is made of "a high-performance compound that offers the advantage of extraordinary resistance against cuts, tear and wear. The optimized tread pattern provides excellent traction and ride comfort, whilst the drive lugs of the positive drive system have an optimized shape to ensure extraordinary flexibility. In addition, the track carcass has been reinforced with four layers of high-tensile steel cords."

The AGRIFORCE BK T71's dimensions are 18" x 6" x 44. Additional size versions are in development.

BKT has additionally invested into the setup of a new specific track manufacturing plan on the Bhuj production site in India.

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