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Van Wall Equipment has recently been part of three new service shop construction projects that range in size from 12,000-15,000 square feet. According to Don Van Houweling, president, the electricity for heat and light for the new facilities is being generated by wind turbines.

“In addition to the lights and electricity needs, we use in-floor piped heat that is produced by an electric boiler,” Van Houweling says. “A typical facility like this in the Midwest will require about 190,000 kwh per year and the Endurance E-3120 wind turbines do just about that amount with a net cost per of 5 cents/kwh compared to the 10-12 cents most dealers are paying.

“Even if the dealer just wants to do lights and electricty, this is a potentially good investment that will also lock in their electric rates for years to come,” he says.

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