Loftness has introduced the CropLogix Windrow Draper 30, the widest crop shredder/windrower available with an end delivery. With its 30-foot cutting width, the Windrow Draper 30 is designed to be the most efficient and dirt-free solution to harvesting corn stover for a variety of uses, including cattle feed and cellulosic ethanol.

Unlike center-discharge units, the Windrow Draper 30 allows operators to place two windrows side-by-side, significantly reducing the number of passes needed to bale the residue. To transfer the chopped material to the right-side discharge, the unit features an exclusive hydraulically driven, 33-inch-wide draper belt design. It also includes flow deflectors and a free-flow tunnel for unrestricted material movement through the machine. This combination of benefits virtually eliminates the plugging issues associated with the auger systems used in competitive crop shredders.

To chop the residue, the unit is equipped with a computer-balanced rotor and 4.5-inch cupped knives that create a powerful vacuum. This suction allows the unit to operate higher off the ground, helping to reduce the risk of striking hidden objects and minimizing the amount of dirt in the windrows.

Featuring a gearbox rated at 460 horsepower, the Windrow Draper 30 is also designed to be more durable than other crop shredders. The design includes ultra heavy-duty steel construction with a full frame and a slip-clutch protected, constant-velocity PTO with two six-groove banded belts and spring-loaded idlers. The main rotors turn on premium, American-made, 2-3/16 inch ball bearings.

Other standard features include a crop diffuser, which helps discharge the residue into a well-contained windrow, and hinged canopy doors that provide easy access to the draper belt and tunnel. Additionally, the Windrow Draper 30 is equipped with six swivel wheels for matching 22 or 30 inch row spacing and five hydraulic lift cylinders for precise height adjustment. End transport mode is standard.

Loftness manufactures the CropLogix line of crop shredders, the GrainLogix line of grain-bagging equipment, the VMLogix line of vegetation management equipment and the SnowLogix line of snow blower attachments. For more information on Loftness’ complete product line, contact Loftness Specialized Equipment, P.O. Box 337, Hector, MN 55342, call 800-828-7624 (U.S. and Canada) or 320-848-6266 (international), email, or visit