Precision farming has become much more than a useful optional technique considering the rising costs of fuel, seeds, workforce and the reduction of land available. The optimization of land usage is now a real necessity for any kind of farmer and size of business. In this direction, New Holland has launched the PLM Academy App, which is available and compatible for both iOs and Android operating systems.

"We know that in order to maintain productivity, farmers need top class advice at their fingertips," stated Luca Mainardi, Head of Tractor and PLM Product Management."This new App means operators can consult the latest in PLM know-how wherever they are and whenever they need."

On Demand PLM Training

The PLM Academy App is an innovative training tool. It will enable farmers to watch practical videos and tutorials wherever they are, including in the field while at the wheel of their machine. This innovative application will permit users to download productivity enhancing tutorials which can subsequently be viewed, on demand, even in areas without Internet coverage. This allows operators to access information while in the field, to resolve any questions to prevent productivity impacting downtime. Furthermore, they can enhance their own knowledge at a time that suits them due to the on-demand nature of the offering. The material is constantly updated, to ensure that users receive the latest information and are able to access the most up-to-date product information to enhance profitability.

Extensive Mobile Training Offering

All users can choose from a wide range of training content including EZ-Pilot tutorials that cover both calibration and installation to ensure accurate set-up and usage to maximize productivity gains. Operators using the most advanced, ultra-widescreen IntelliView IV color touchscreen displays, together with those using the IntelliView III and IntelliView Plus II monitors, will also be able to consult professional tutorials on how to fine tune operating parameters. Training videos for the FM-750 are available with key information to further facilitate accurate operation.

North American farmers and their colleagues in Australia can brush up on their knowledge of planter precision farming with a wide range of dedicated training lessons.

Easy Access and International Coverage

The PLM App is currently live in the U.S. and Canada, as well as in  Austria, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and Australia, and is available to the PLM customers who have registered on the PLM Academy website.

Once downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play, customers will be prompted to insert their user name (that used for the PLM Academy website), and will then be able to access all content. The App's intuitive structure enables users to browse videos, download tutorials of their choice and save their most frequently viewed videos to a favorites section for super fast retrieval. Updates can be quickly and easily searched for via the dedicated tab to ensure they have the most up-to-date information and frequently asked questions provide a handy shortcut to some useful top tips, including how to get the very most out of the App itself.