If you’re trying to get a handle on how much money U.S. farmers will have to spend in 2013, add in another $11 billion to their bottom lines.

Government payments paid directly to producers are expected to total $11.1 billion in 2012, a 6.3% increase over the 2011 program payments. Direct payments under the Direct and Countercyclical Program (DCP) and the Average Crop Revenue Election Program (ACRE) are forecast at $4.96 billion for 2012.  This 5.4% increase in direct payments in 2012 over 2011 is largely due to the fact that the percentage of base acres on which direct payments are made increased from 83.3% for the 2011 crop year to 85% for the 2012 crop year.

This chart is from the Farm Sector Income & Finances topic page on the ERS website.