Last year was marred by extensive flooding in the Central Plains region and thus affected farmers in the area and across the province. But 2012 has shown much promise in the farming community, including in farm equipment sales.

Gilles Chabot of Chabot Implements said so far this year has been very good for farm equipment sales.

“They started off slow and they’ve definitely picked up in the past month. They’re definitely getting a lot busier and I think there’s more optimism out there,” said Chabot. “With good commodity prices the guys are starting to replace some of their equipment and with crops in the bin it’s a lot easier to do that.”

He added that crops are also looking quite good in the Central Plains.

“The crop out here, some is good some isn’t so good. I think over all a lot of farmers are satisfied with what’s out there. It’s been going pretty good with good weather too. Harvest has gone very well,” said Chabot.

Over all, he senses a very positive mood in the farming community compared with last year.

“Things are definitely looking better. I think the fact that we’re not sitting here and fighting to get the crop off, and not fighting floods and things like that, and the prices are better it’s definitely looking a lot better. People are pretty positive right now,” said Chabot. “We’re looking forward to servicing customers needs in the future. When the farmers have a good year I think everybody does.”

Joella Tufford, general manager of Ag West Equipment, said she sees a lot of optimism in the farming community as well this year and that farm equipment sales have very much been on par with last year.

“We’re pretty similar to last year’s sales, actually,” said Tufford. “There’s lots of optimism amongst the farming community, so that’s always good for business.”