Crary Industries, Inc. has partnered with Michel’s Industries, Ltd. to distribute Crop Catchers to the United States and Eastern Canada.

The Crop Catcher is a combine header attachment designed to nearly eliminate grain loss due to shattering by the retractable finger, as well as, reduce feeder house build up. With the Crop Catcher, you will be able to put more crop in your hopper, not on the ground. Giving you more bushels per acres and increasing your profits. The Crop Catcher fits most makes and models of combines. 

Features and benefits of the Crop Catcher include:

U.V. and Scratch Resistant Marguard Glass

Designed and built with strong and dependable U.V. and scratch resistant marguard glass, the Crop Catcher will last for years of reliable service.

A Variety of Crops

The Crop Catcher has been proven effective in a range of crops, such as, canola, soybeans, barley and wheat. You will be able to save up to 1/4 bushel or more per acre on Canola!

Adjustable Positions

The Crop Catcher is adjustable, allowing the operator to find the most desired position for each crop and field condition. Operators can completely fold down the Crop Catcher for trouble-free storage.

Crary products are offered through professional agriculture dealerships. For more information about the Crop Catchers or about becoming a Crary dealer please call 800.247.7335 or by visit