Crary Industries' GOLD’NCUT Stalk Raptor Section features a patent pending hybrid serration that utilizes a combination of coarse and extra-coarse serrations aimed to slice through all stem variations from small grains to the heartiest pulse crop stalks. The precision cutting design of the Stalk Raptor provides less crop shatter, increases crop feeding capabilities and allows harvesters to operate with increased ground speeds.

Blade sections are easily interchangeable and offer the same bolt-on convenience as Crary Ag’s entire GOLD’NCUT line. The Stalk Raptor cutting sections excel in greener crop conditions and heavy stalk crop. The Stalk Raptor features induction-hardened edges for increased wear life and self-sharpen as wear occurs. The Stalk Raptor blade is expected to be released in the summer/fall of 2020 and available for growers during this year's harvest season.

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