Valmetal Inc. is expanding their factory this summer in order to better serve the needs of larger agriculture equipment and adapt to the fast changing market.

They are reconfiguring their production department as well as their painting line with a new 41,206 sq. ft. building. With more room for production, they will be able to more quickly supply whole goods and parts. The production of vertical mixers and other bulky products will be especially helped with this expansion.

Valmetal also plans to introduce new products within the next few months to better serve their client's need.

About Valmetal

Valmetal Company specializes in the design, fabrication & distribution of feeding equipment for dairy & beef products. For more information on silo unloaders, mixers, conveyors, roller mills & hammer mills, forage blowers, choppers, autoration & feed carts contact Valmetal Inc. at (608) 374-2206 or visit their website at