Oxbo has redefined the practice of merging crops by introducing a self-propelled machine for theforage industry. With its front mounted pickup heads, the new Oxbo 4334 merger delivers improved forage quality by never running over the crop.

“We brought the first self-propelled forage merger to the market because the industry is demanding higher quality forage and more productivity, along with improved operator control and comfort,” says Doug Ahrens, Oxbo Forage Product Manager. “The 4334 delivers the option of achieving the benefits of hay-in-a-day harvesting without ever driving over cut crop.”

With full view of the merger’s 34 ft. continuous pickup, the operator has more control for building better windrows for the harvester. Front mounted heads significantly improve maneuverability, especially at headlands and field corners.

With the Oxbo 4334 merger, operators no longer need to twist and turn to monitor crop flow, making long days in the field more comfortable. Oxbo’s new merger sports a 30 mph road speed, providing rapid movement between locations. Pickup heads fold to a narrow, 10 foot transport width in less than 20 seconds.

Oxbo has field tested the self-propelled merger and is releasing a limited number of 2012 production units.

For more information, contact Doug Ahrens at dahrens@oxbocorp.com.