Since the introduction of the first Oxbo merger in 2003, Oxbo has worked with forage specialists, custom harvesters and growers to improve forage quality. After learning about the connection between ash content and milk production, Oxbo engineers worked to improve the existing merger and provide cleaner, leafier forage. The resulting new model has proven to provide better quality forage with lower ash content than conventional rakes and is able to handle a wider range of crops more efficiently than other mergers.

New to 2019 is the Oxbo 2112 single merger. “We wanted to take all the features that made our triple merger the best in the industry and apply them to a single merger for smaller operations,” says Steve Pesik, Oxbo’s marketing manager. The new merger includes important features such as the ability to merge left or right with a swinging chassis, skid shoes that follow the ground and the ability to gently harvest the highest quality forage.

Oxbo mergers are available in 12-, 14-, 30- and 34-foot widths.