Meeting the challenge of managing aggressive growth in 2010, Rocky Mountain Dealerships Inc. (TSX: RME) has contracted with IRON Solutions to implement IRON HQ, the online Customer and Equipment Lifecycle Management service, throughout their Hammer Equipment Division locations across western Canada.

Hammer Equipment Div. joins hundreds of other dealers utilizing IRON Solutions on-demand customer and equipment lifecycle management services built on NetSuite (NYSE: N) Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. This tailored cloud-based solution for agricultural equipment dealers, enables dealers to increase capacity or add capabilities immediately without new systems, software or training.

Businesses used to need specially trained staff to install, upgrade and patch, dedicated servers as well as networks to capitalize, operate, secure and backup explains Darwin Melnyk, IRON Solutions CEO. “NetSuite’s cloud-based platform enables IRON Solutions to rapidly deliver customer and equipment lifecycle management services to scaling dealerships like Rocky’s Hammer Equipment Division in a flexible, powerful, affordable and complete service.??Equipment Division in a flexible, powerful, affordable and complete service.

"Rocky is pursuing a growth strategy and our success depends on our ability to identify acquisition opportunities, negotiate appropriate deal terms and prices, and integrate newly acquired operations into the existing business," said Brian Taschuk, Rocky Mountain Dealerships CEO. “We were looking for a system that was easily scalable as our business grows, while easily connecting our operations across locations and business units.”

Within weeks, Rocky’s Hammer Equipment Division will be trained and utilizing IRON HQ to generate marketing campaigns, appraise trades, quote equipment and manage inventory across locations.

“Rocky’s investment in customer and equipment lifecycle management services from IRON will be critical in the success of their growth and acquisition strategy, inventory management, and overall operational efficiency and profit optimization for stakeholders,” added Melnyk.

About Rocky Mountain Dealerships

Rocky Mountain Dealerships Inc. (TSX: RME) is one of Canada's largest agriculture and construction equipment dealerships with branches throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Rocky sells, rents, and leases new and used construction and agriculture equipment and offers product support, and finance to its customers. Additional information on Rocky is available at and on SEDAR at

About IRON Solutions, Inc.

IRON Solutions, Inc.,, is the leading source of used and new equipment information and customer and equipment lifecycle management services for the agricultural, industrial and outdoor power equipment industries.

The company’s equipment marketing web sites and, provide a global digital marketplace for buyers and sellers of used equipment as well as a targeted audience for agricultural, construction and heartland advertisers.