“With Trelleborg I save time and money” says Henk Dirksen. He is a second generation farmer in Alma, Ontario, Canada who farms about 650 acres and leases another 120 acres. Henk and his co-worker also have 300 head of Holstein cows, milked twice daily. They also do custom work for two local farms. 

In order to cope with this tremendous amount of activities and maximize his profit, Henk has focused on automated operations and services.

“Having past experience with Trelleborg bias ply tires over 10 years ago, when, OK Tire recommended the Trelleborg radials, I was confident that my expectations would be met," Dirksen.

He says he was surprised me the tire dealer installed Trelleborg's TM900’s (900/60R42 and 600/65R34)  on his New Holland T8030 and TM800’s (dualed 650/65R42 ) fitted on his articulated New Holland T9020" the "tires road better, cleaned effectively and allowed me to run with reduced pressure to minimize soil compaction.

"My infield output increased by 20%. The traction capacity, new tire upsize and tractor set up actually allow me to run 4 kph faster than the tires originally fitted on the tractor. They ride better, too, even at 55 kph.

"Eric Brubacher and the guys at OK Tire Elmira have been helping me for the past 20 years. Their expertise in setting up my tractors with the proper balance and optimum air pressure make a huge difference. Eric weighed my tractors and made sure the rim and tire mounting were spot on. I can’t afford any break downs and set up my tractors with tires to outlast my tractor trade in cycle."

Trelleborg Wheel Systems is a global supplier of tires and complete wheels for agricultural and forestry machines, fork-lift trucks and other material-handling equipment. It has annual sales (2010) of approximately $415 million and 1,918 employees and five factories worldwide.

For more information, contact Andrea Masella, andrea.masella@trelleborg.com.