In our work with large dealership groups, we’ve seen a serious need for more highly skilled and talented people to drive results! 

Talent can be measured and quantified in performance, but it’s a result of the “soft” skills of leadership, creativity and the ability to manage the complexity that comes with larger organizations. Successful large multi-store dealers look for talented corporate functional managers who focus on:

  • Achieving sales goals no matter what the market is doing
  • Managing their business area to achieve targeted gross profit no matter the competition
  • Closely managing their people and their resources
  • Communicating expectations and goals, and holding employees accountable even when they’re not on site
  • Maintaining a vision and thinking outside the box while encouraging employee productivity to achieve best practices
  • Asset management by encouraging employee involvement, negotiating with suppliers for best delivery and terms, and target customer buying to maximize inventory turns
  • Measuring customer satisfaction, and making and communicating necessary changes to improve it


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