Three Central Indiana John Deere dealerships that are steeped in the tradition of family business have joined forces.

Tri Green Tractor consists of Green Power of Logansport, Harper Implement of Swayzee and Jackson-Lee-Pearson of Flora and Frankfort. Prior to merging on January 17, they each were independently owned and operated though all shared the distinction of being family-run businesses, according to the Jackson-Lee-Pearson website. The combined workforce totals nearly 100 employees.

The website pledges: "We will harness our knowledge and experiences from our predecessor businesses as the foundation to build an even better organization, positioned to fulfill your needs and expectations both now and in the future."

Jackson-Lee-Pearson was established in 1972, Green Power came from a business that started in 1959 and Harper Implement was founded in 1953.

On top of selling farming and agriculture supplies, Tri Green Tractor sells Deere memorabilia including kids clothing, toys, hats, clothing, party supplies and bedding.

"When you call us you speak to an actual person not an automated phone answering system," according to the website. "We try to provide the best personal shopping experience possible. We do this because we value your business and we know that if you have a positive experience with us that you'll come back for more John Deere Toys and Merchandise."

From the Tri-Green Tractor Web Site:

Three Central Indiana John Deere Dealerships, Jackson-Lee-Pearson, Harper Implement & Green Power have Merged

As of January 17, 2011, three central Indiana John Deere Dealerships have combined to create Tri Green Tractor, LLC.  Prior to this date, the three Dealerships - Green Power, Inc. of Logansport, Harper Implement, Inc. of Swayze and Jackson-Lee-Pearson, Inc. of Flora and Frankfort - have been independently owned and operated.  These organizations share a sense of history and where they came from as family operated businesses but are also mindful of the future and what it takes to succeed in today’s business world.  It is with this in mind that they have chosen to come together as one entity, Tri Green Tractor, LLC.  With a combined workforce of nearly 100 employees, they will be positioned better in the market place to provide their customers with a more specialized team of professionals and a higher level of support and service.  By combining their strengths, they are creating an industry leading Agricultural and Lawn and Garden equipment dealership.

 About Jackson-Lee-Pearson, Inc.:

Flora and Frankfort, IN --Jackson-Lee-Pearson, Inc. was formed in 1972 when Matthew E. (Pete) Jackson and W. H. (Bill) Lee offered William J. (Bill) Pearson a partnership in what was Jackson Lee, Inc. in Flora.  The Flora location has grown and evolved with agricultural developments over the years.  Pearson became sole owner in 1989 at Jackson's retirement.  In 1991, Jackson-Lee-Pearson, Inc. purchased Farmers Service and Equipment in Frankfort from Bob Perry and Tom Daniels.  Pearson's son, Jason, joined the organization after graduating from Ball State University in 1993.  From 1993 to 2007, Bill and Jason co-managed the Flora and Frankfort locations until Bill sold his interest to Jason in July of 2007.  In 1995, Jason married Michelle Bolinger.  They have twin boys, Tanner and Cole.  Michelle works for the dealership as the website and marketing manager.  She has developed and greatly expanded their internet sales.

About Harper Implement Co., Inc.:

Swayzee, IN -– Rex Riggs has been the owner of Harper Implement for the past 15 years, but his involvement began long before.  In 1975, Rex married Kathy Harper whose father, Bill, was the founder of Harper Implement Co., Inc.  Bill Harper started the dealership back in 1953 as an Agricultural Equipment Dealer.  Rex began his employment with Harper in 1979 working in the Parts Department.  He has held various positions at the dealership over the years.  Rex manages the store along with selling equipment.  Kathy and Rex have two children, Kristen and Ryan.  Both are Purdue Graduates as are their parents.  Ryan works in the dealership as the AMS Specialist and in Ag Sales.

 About Green Power, Inc.:

Logansport, IN -- R.M. ‘Jack’ Chambers has been the owner of Green Power, Inc. since 1991.  The business was originally purchased with three partners from Grant Implement Co., which had been in business since 1959.  Jack became the sole owner in 1995.  A little over one year ago a major renovation/addition was completed.  This added over 6,000 sq. ft. of showroom space to the main building.  Jack was married to Doris Rush in 1968.  They have three children: Claudia, Cara and Calvin and four grandchildren.  Cara has worked for the dealership for the past 13 years managing the Lawn and Garden Department.  Jack is a CPA and managing partner of Chambers & Co., CPA’s LLC which he opened in 1966.

 Our Pledge to You:

Tri Green Tractor makes this pledge to you, our customer.  We will harness our knowledge and experiences from our predecessor businesses as the foundation to build an even better organization, positioned to fulfill your needs and expectations both now and in the future.  

“New name, same great service!”