NORAC is pleased to announce that ISOBUS 11783 certification has been received for their UC5™ Spray Height Control product line.

NORAC is the first independent height control system to receive ISOBUS certification.  “ISOBUS certification will allow NORAC’s Spray Height Control system to be offered as part of a complete electronics package,” said Bill Strelioff, CEO.  “The request from customers who want everything in one panel has certainly driven this initiative.”

This international standard allows agricultural electronic devises to communicate using a standardized messaging system.

This means that NORAC’s UC5™ Spray Height Control system can connect to and operate through ISOBUS virtual terminals including John Deere GS2™, Case AFS  Pro 600, Kverneland Group’s Tellus, and AGCO A5.

The certification was awarded after rigorous testing by DLG, a German-based certification body.  NORAC is one of a few North American companies to receive ISOBUS 11783 status.

ISOBUS compatibility means that the international standards stipulated for cross-manufacturer data transfer and cross-system documentation are satisfied.

“ISOBUS certification is an important step to allow NORAC to offer height control through a broader range of panels,” said Danea Armstrong, VP of Global Sales.

“The industry is moving towards a common language, which results in “plug and play” capabilities for the customer. The demand in North America is growing, but the immediate need has been driven by NORAC’s European customer base.  Our product can be offered as part of a total package which includes a variety of other functions in the same panel.” 

NORAC Systems International Inc. is a Canadian-based agricultural electronics manufacturer with offices in the United States and Europe. For more information, please visit