GVM Inc. officially closed its Decatur, Ill., location on November 11 to allow Illini Sprayer Co. to become a distributor of GVM products in Illinois and Wisconsin.

GVM locations in Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania will remain open for business and will not notice any change in business as this transition takes place. GVM will continue to offer support and service on all of their manufactured products.

Located in Oreana, Ill., Illini Sprayer Co.’s GVM product focus will be on the E350 Prowler, 9275 Prowler, 8275 Predator and TranSpread pull type spreaders. Illini Sprayer will also service GVM manufactured products.

Many former GVM Illinois employees will be taking positions with Illini Sprayer, to provide Illini with their expertise on the GVM line of products. Service technician, Tom Vaughn will join Illini’s service department and current Illinois general manager, Erech Pierson will join Illini as a salesman.

About Illini Sprayer Co.

Illini Sprayer Co. is a dealer of new and used Apache Sprayers and BBI spreaders. They also offer parts, service, and precision ag products. For more information, visit www.illinisprayer.com.

About GVM

GVM Inc. is a large manufacturer of application equipment, a distributor of some of the best lines in the industry, and the parent company of GVM Snow Equipment and GVM AgJunction. GVM has dealers, distributors, and company owned stores all over the United States and Canada. GVM is dedicated to providing precision application equipment, parts, and services that will keep our customers profitable. For more information, visit www.gvminc.com.