The National No-Tillage Conference is the premier event of the year for no-tillers from around the world. Speakers from the event are experts in their fields and provide practical, compelling information for no-tillers. Now, you can listen to these speakers at your leisure, whether at home, in your car or truck, or in the cab of your tractor.

The following MP3 files are of specific interest to farmers interested in precision farming. For more information, or to purchase these downloadable products, please click the appropriate links below.

Top 5 Money-Saving No-Till Techniques

If you are going to add more input costs to your no-till operation, you had better see income increase faster than your expenses. Or, you can cut inputs and make money so long as your production decreases don’t decline quicker than those costs.

In this session, Marion Calmer will review 25 years of on-farm research at the Calmer Agronomic Research Center and outline five proven areas where growers can cut costs while maintaining production. They include the reduction of tillage passes by adding no-till planter attachments; reduced phosphorus and potassium application rates; reductions in cracked grain during harvest; reduced soybean seeding rates; and reductions in field losses from auto-steer and auto-height.

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Nitrogen Use By Corn: How Much, When, Where And Why

Nitrogen is one of the largest management inputs no-tillers utilize to determine the profitability of corn production. As a result, Fred Below says it's important for no-tillers to learn how to combine the current state-of-the-art technologies and biotechnologies associated with the application and use of nitrogen by the corn plant.

The University of Illinois plant physiologist will share on-farm and research station trials that examine the nitrogen requirement of corn, the nitrogen source, application timing, field spatial variability and genetic variations that impact nitrogen use.

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