A total of 7 Farm Equipment editors converged on Boone, Iowa, this past week (August 31 through September 2)  to report on the newest equipment innovations seen at the annual Farm Progress Show.

Providing real-time updates of their travels throughout the show, these Farm Equipment editors made well over 100 live updates that were posted on:

www.twitter.com/feeditors and #FPS10


Following are 25 top updates (and links to photos) provided by Farm EQuipment staff throughout the last week’s event. More coverage to come in future issues of Farm Equipment and Ag Equipment Intelligence.

Deere unveils cob collection attachment, in partnership w/ Hillco http://twitizer.com/HHh0s

AGCO unveils Gleaner S7 combine, designed to thwart compaction. Lightest Class 6/7 rotary unit on market. http://twitpic.com/2ll6fd

Dave Kanicki meets with McCormick’s new CEO, Rehor http://twitpic.com/2ki3a8

Buzz at #FPS10...Does New Holland's partnership w/ Miller on SP Sprayers mean separation plans from Case? http://twitizer.com/R1B3I

First new plow seen in recent show memory. 12-bottom Monster Plow from Salford http://twitizer.com/7Qg70

Another vertical tillage entrant. The Earthmaster Verti-go w/ SoilRazor blades http://twitizer.com/v97n3

LS Tractors' Derek Johannes says firm's entry into U.S. market 'on plan,' 160 dealers by Dec http://twitizer.com/1BV6P

Radical design of Hagie STX10 SP Sprayer creating buzz at #FPS10 http://twitizer.com/GKt66

Dave Ohm, Titan Machinery, agrees dealers need dedicated GPS specialists; Titan now has 25 dealership positions http://twitizer.com/I6p25

Many new products from Raven at  #FPS10. OmniRow, SmarTrax, Cruizer II, Envizio Pro II, AccuFlow HP, Sidekick Pro, SmartYield, Slingshot http://twitpic.com/2jt1mz

Case Steiger new 600 hp tractor, 450 model also on display http://twitizer.com/3NyAW

More tracks displayed than any other Farm Progress show in memory http://twitizer.com/rerYk

Brandt's 1st grain cart, 1000-bu. corner auger unloading. Running this fall in Canada, Dakotas http://twitizer.com/IOalB

Officials from CGS Tyres and Iowa state government sign agreement for new plant http://twitizer.com/DNy97

670 hp - NH's biggest tractor yet http://twitpic.com/2jznn4

Tom Evans, Great Plains, says options hot trend in planting: VR fert, swath command, auto downpressure, N forms http://twitizer.com/u0J8r

Koyker Stor-Mor grain bagger makes FP debut. Farmers can haul & dry when convenient for them http://twitizer.com/FJfmx

Montag's first tracked cart coming in Fall 2011. Available in 12-ton capacity. http://twitpic.com/2k26xh

Claas launches 770 (523 hp) Class 10 combine at #FPS10 http://twitizer.com/Vm4b9

New Galaxy Narrow Row Strip Till bar from Blu-Jet. Staggered units for better residue flow http://twitizer.com/6vzab

Versatile's new 305 engine hp model is biggest FWA tractor company has ever built http://twitpic.com/2k4bal

Mud Hog/Tuthill unveils Bale Direct System for one pass harvest & bale http://twitizer.com/mE3L7

www.spraysmarter.com makes debut at #FPS10 http://twitizer.com/gy0Eo

Leica brings mojoMini 4.3-in. screen with field guidance, and 7-in. Mojo3D with more options. http://twitpic.com/2k86er

Calmer Corn Heads building on BT Crusher w/ BT Chopper for corn on corn http://twitizer.com/6sKy7