Bestway SLTBestway Inc., a manufacturer and marketer of pull-type sprayers, announces the introduction of a new class of combine head and 3-point implement transport — the Retriever Self-Loading Trailer (SLT).

Designed to dramatically increase the efficiency of large growers and farm equipment dealers, the Retriever SLT uses its own hydraulic lift system to load heads or implements, including 3-point mounted planters, without the need for a combine or tractor to provide the lifting power.

"The Retriever SLT brings a powerful new logistic tool to the hands of large growers and farm equipment dealers," says Dave Benson, director of sales and marketing for Bestway.

Delivering a combine head to a farm, or picking up from a farm, can now be accomplished in a matter of minutes with no waiting for the combine to get there or having a combine head trailer to return to the farm or dealership, says the company.

The Retriever operator simply loads the head at the dealership, drives to the farm, uses the self-contained hydraulic system on the Retriever to unload the head on the ground or onto the customers head cart and heads back to the dealership There's no waiting on the combine to help unload the head.  

"The Retriever is a one-man, one-truck solution that saves a great deal of time and labor, which is a precious commodity at a successful farm equipment dealership,” says Benson.

The Retriever is available with a deck option that allows the use of the front portion of the trailer to haul light freight loads between dealer locations to optimize the use of the Retriever. 

Five models of the Retriever are available, including two bumper-pull and three gooseneck versions. Axle capacity choices are 16,000 lb. or 20,000 lb.m, with maximum load length from 36-49 feet, depending on the model.

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