Bestway Inc. recently introduced the Retriever transport hitch for towing large drawn planters and other large implements with two-point or drawbar type hitches.


The Retriever transport hitch mounts in about five minutes on the fifth wheel and frame of a tandem axle semi-tractor.   Utilizing a built in 12 volt hydraulic power pack, the Retriever hitch attaches to the planter with a two-point Quick-Attach hitch system and the operator uses a remote control to hydraulically raise the planter to transport height then the lift is securely locked for towing.

The two-point hitch design allows changing from a Category III system to a Category II system for towing mower conditioners, in about 10 seconds.  For drawbar type implements and planters, a removable heavy-duty drawbar with 12,000 lb. tongue weight capacity, is included with the hitch.  In addition a remote hydraulic valve is standard equipment for lifting or folding implements before towing.

For more information, contact David C. Benson, Director of Sales and Marketing for Bestway.