Alamo Group has released its new 10-Series EarthMaster Primary Tillage products for 2010.

The company says the tillage equipment provides excellent residue management for the soil surface, while ripping through the compaction layer to yield better plant performance.

“We began with the great features of the previous EarthMasterrrre4`hc5hdr models and added a number of enhancements that provide for easier hookup, more protection for the machine, and greater durability to keep operating costs down” said Randy Webb, Alamo’s product marketing manager.

“For example, we added a new-style hitch that is more compatible with large horsepower tractors and cleaned up the hydraulic lines for quicker connection. We also added a hydraulic cushion valve that monitors system pressure and protects the disc gangs from pressure spikes caused by impact, and we added new heavy duty cast pull arms that match the rugged ripper shanks and automatic reset trip unit.

“Finally, we’ve introduced industry-leading 5/16-in.-thickness boron steel disc blades that keep a sharp edge longer and have greater life expectancy to keep operating costs down.”

The 4 models in the 10-Series lineup provide outstanding tillage performance in widths ranging from 17-25 ft. Independent depth control for the disc gangs is provided on all machines, and disc gang angles can be adjusted from 3 to 18 degrees. Ripper shanks can be spaced at 20-, 24- or 30 in., depending on the model, to fit a variety of field conditions.

For more information, send an e-mail to Webb at