The results are in for the highly anticipated 2010 Top-10 New Products competition, the winners of which will be showcased February 9-11 during the 43rd annual World Ag Expo in Tulare, Calif.

“These products showed the most potential to advance ag production and have the most potential to power global agriculture,” said 2010 Chairman Bernie Cargle.

A panel of agribusiness professionals from across the nation including farmers, ranchers and industry professionals selected the Top-10 New Products and 10 Honorable Mention Products from more than 70 entries. The Top-10 New Products will be showcased inside the New Product Pavilion on Expo Lane and R Street and will be toured on Feb. 8 during World Ag Expo’s Media Day. An estimated 100,000 attendees are expected to attend World Ag Expo, which is the largest annual exposition of its kind.

Attendees can find out more about the Top-10 New Products and the 10 Honorable Mention  Products before the expo at The 2009 Top-10 New Products are:

AutoFarm OnTrac2 GPS, Novariant - AutoFarm, Fremont, CA 

The OnTrac2 GPS Assisted Steering System works with two-wheel and four-wheel drive tractors, combines, sprayers and spreaders. With unit in place farming operations are performed with greater accuracy, covering more ground faster and more efficiently.

Cooling Station, Heat Relief Solutions, Napa, CA 

Self-contained mobile heat-relief facility helps prevent heat illness among farm workers. The 16-foot, all-steel tandem axle trailer is highway legal and can carry a total of 300 gallons of potable water. Features include an aluminum shade canopy; a commercial two-stage oscillating fogging fan plus an optional satellite fan that can be used with a water misting pump up to 200 feet from the trailer; and two 10-gallon food-grade drinking water tanks with dispensers for large cups.

Forklift 180-degree Bin Inverter, Schieler Harvester, Terra Bella, CA 

This fork lift attachment for dumping bins of fruit, nuts or other bulk items, does what no conventional hydraulic bin dumper can – it allows the bin to turn over a full 180 degrees to completely empty the bin of its contents. The attachment saves growers time and money.

Gripple T-Clip, Gripple, Inc., Aurora, IL 

An innovative wire-gripping device, called the Gripple T-Clip offers a revolutionary way to start or terminate a fence. It replaces the time and trouble of knotting or stapling wires at the end post with a fast, simple twist and push action.  

Hoof Supervisor System, Feed Supervisor Software, Dresser, WI  

Hoof Supervisor, a new computerized chute-side data recording system, enables hoof trimmers to collect report and analyze results of their work more efficiently.

Magswitch Magnets, Forney Industries,  Fort Collins, CO 

Magswitch Magnets offer farmers and ranchers a faster, more precise and easier-to-use alternative to clamp, hold, position or lift ferrous steel for fabrication, welding, wood working projects and general repair projects.

LWR Manure Treatment System, Livestock Water Recycling, Calgary, Alberta 

A new spray-on house fly bait product takes control of house flies in livestock facilities to a new, higher level. It can be applied indoors and outdoors out of reach of livestock and domestic animals to kill flies quickly in places where conventional scatter baits can’t be used.

One Shot Tree Recognition System, Nelson Mfg. Co., Inc. , Yuba City, CA 

The One Shot limits spray applications to trees offering an inexpensive yet dependable and effective way to minimize chemical costs and drift when spraying orchards.

44 Super Magnum Sand Pump, McLanahan Corporation,  Hollidaysburg, PA  

The new 44 Super Magnum Sand Pump is the only pump on the market specifically designed for handling sand and manure. It fills a void in the agricultural market where there is a need for a vertical, rubber-lined, high-wear pump.

Stinger Automatic Load Securing System, Stinger, Inc., Haven, KS 

Trying to throw straps against high winds, fussing with tie-down ropes and crawling on top of the load when securing a trailer full of large square straw bales are a thing of the past with the new Automatic Load Securing System. The hydraulically operated system features two straps suspended between a stationary bulkhead at the front of the trailer and a sliding bulkhead at the rear. To secure the load, press a switch, activating hydraulic cylinders carefully securing the load.

World Ag Expo occupies more than 2.6 million square feet of exhibit space, hosts more than 1,600 exhibitors and draws an estimated 100,000 attendees over its three-day exposition. All attendees are encouraged to preregister and save $2 per ticket at