The U.S.-Iraq Business and Investment Conference (USIBIC) was held on October 20-21 in Washington D.C. with the aim of offering U.S. companies the chance to learn about business and trade opportunities in Iraqi markets.

Case New Holland (CNH) Head for the Middle East, Lodovico Tarabini, was one of five panelists to introduce and discuss the "U.S. Business Experience" in Iraq at the conference. In addition to CNH, Tarabini's panel included The Boeing Co., General Electric, Valmont Irrigation and Summit Corp.

Participants in this major international event included Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Iraqi Minister of Agriculture Dr. Akram al-Hakeem, US Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke, Iraqi Minister of Oil Dr. Hussein Al-Shahristani, President Obama's National Security Advisor General James L. Jones Jr., USMC (Ret.), Dr. Sami Al-Araji, Chairman Iraq National Investment Commission and many more Iraqi and US dignitaries.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki attended with an Iraqi delegation of some 200 officials and business representatives who oversee numerous financial projects in Iraq, ranging from agriculture to manufacturing, and from construction to oil sectors.

The USIBIC represents an opportunity to forge relationships between US and Iraqi companies, and for business and regional leaders from Iraq to foster economic growth in the country.

Over the years, Case New Holland has accumulated in-depth experience and knowledge of Iraq's market, providing machinery, training and technical assistance to promote the country's development.

Among CNH Brands' activities recently carried out in Iraq, by the end of the year, New Holland Agriculture will have completed the shipment of 1,250 tractor kits to Iskandariyah SCMI (State Company for Mechanical Industries) manufacturing plant, located in the South of Baghdad, while providing training to Iraqi technicians.

In 2007, in coordination with the Task Force on Business Stabilization Operations of the U.S. Department of Defense, Case New Holland signed a deal with the SCMI in Iskandariyah, for the supply of 200 tractor kits, which enabled the plant to resume manufacturing operations. Additionally, in 2006 and 2007, CNH successfully completed two agricultural equipment rehabilitation programs for Iraqi farmers, refurbishing over 3,100 tractors.

CNH continues to assist the farmer community and the Iraqi government with reliable agricultural and construction equipment and the assistance they need to develop their business and foster their country's growth.