Introduced at the 2009 Farm Progress Show, Kinze’s 660 TS Two-Section Twin-Line® Planter is available in 12- and 16-row sizes and comes with two section (TS) manual half-width disconnect of right and left sections from the tractor cab.

The planter is equipped with many standard features to fit every operation, including:

· The Kinze Cobalt™ monitoring system with color touch-screen display

· The Kinze Air Seed Delivery (ASD) system, which features two centrally-mounted 55 bushel hoppers (110 bushel total capacity) that distribute seed to individual row units using air pressure

· Available with either mechanical seed or with vacuum seed metering system

· Electrically operated half-width disconnect point-row clutches provide manual shut-off of right and left sections

· A three-section frame that provides more flexibility compared to traditional Twin-Line® designs, allowing for 13° up and down movement (approximately six additional degrees more up and down movement than other Twin-Line designs)

· A hydraulic weight transfer mechanism that keeps the toolbar even and prevents the wings from rising out of the ground, while maintaining consistent seed trench dept

· A frame that transports as narrow as 11’ 2” for better access to and from the field

· Can be equipped with Interplant® push-row units or a liquid fertilizer package with a total capacity of 550 gallons

“We want to give row-crop growers options that allow them to farm the way they want to farm,” explained Susanne Veatch, the vice president and chief marketing officer at Kinze. “The speed with which we are able to bring this new offering to market just demonstrates several of our company’s key strengths – tremendous responsiveness to the grower’s needs, and a lean, nimble manufacturing process.”

The 3660 TS planter also features the clean toolbar design that is a trademark of Kinze planters. The vacuum manifolds have been integrated into the toolbar, and hydraulic and electrical lines have been encased for protection and organization. The planter has a single motor, variable-rate hydraulic driveline to allow for the adjustment of planting rates from the tractor seat.

The planter is available with an optional breakaway row marker package, as well. This is a new design that allows row markers to fold back when they hit an obstruction. The marker is returned to service again by replacing two shear-bolts.

“At Kinze, our close ties to crop producers and to the land are central to the success of our company,” says Veatch, who like many Kinze employees, also works in a family farm operation. “We listen to crop producers to design products that will help producers be more profitable and successful. The 3660 TS planter is just the latest example of our dedication to giving crop producers what they want.”

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