Involves front end-loaders and attachments in U.S. and Canada for McCormick and Landini

Spirit Implements, LLC, a Waupaca, Wis., based company specializing in custom steel fabrication serving the Agricultural and Construction industries announced the signing of an exclusive supply agreement reached with both McCormick International, USA and Landini, McCormick Canada for Spirit to supply front end loaders and other tractor attachments for the United States and Canadian market. The CE model loaders will serve the 21 – 75 Horse Power range of tractors.

When asked about the recent agreement, Ryan R. Delaney, the President of Spirit Implements, LLC. had the following comments.

"Today marks another step forward for our company which in recent years has taken great strides in our industry. From humble beginnings a decade ago, to now operating out of our new state of the art facility in Waupaca, WI – our team of dedicated and talented staff have made our growth possible. While the economy has contracted in the past several business quarters, our recent addition of significant customers such as McCormick International, USA and Landini Canada – our company has shown resilience that few others in this economy can match.

We will continue to serve our customers with the best quality products on the market, deliver them on time and be priced to make our customers competitive in the marketplace; insuring a win-win opportunity for our customers and their customers. Operating a company that has global reach and has served many major brands in the US and Canada has been a great experience.

We will continue with our facility build out, our growth, job creation and all that we have committed ourselves to. With the recent addition of McCormick International, USA, and Landini, McCormick Canada – we are keeping jobs in North America and proving daily that domestic manufacturers can compete in this ever changing and challenging market. As the playing field changes ever more rapidly than ever, we are positioned to grow and exceed all previous expectations.

I cannot describe how proud and blessed I am to be President of the company that for years will be serving McCormick International, USA and Landini, McCormick Canada. It gives me great pride that our vision of the marketplace, our position in the industry; and the value that has become known as standard equipment at Spirit will grow with these agreements. In the storied legacy of both McCormick and Landini, it is my feeling that our recent agreements will be more than a footnote in history books."

Spirit began operations in 1999 and currently serves customers in the Agricultural and Construction industry as well as Aerospace, Motorsports, Military and Marine. In 2008 the company built a new Corporate Headquarters and manufacturing plant in the Waupaca Technology and Industrial Park on 20 acres secured for future growth and expansion. Waupaca has been home to the company since its founding.

Spirit Implements, LLC. is solely owned by its founder and President, Ryan R. Delaney. As the company celebrates 10 years in business, the future looks brighter than ever.