How to Sell: Earthmoving Equipment

How To Sell: Making Tracks Work for Your Dealership

To the Point: Too Much of a Good Thing?


Planning For Profits: Benchmark Your Service Personnel Costs


Dealer Profile: 75 Years of Keeping the Customer Running

Brand Loyalty: Is it Dead?

Dealers Weigh in on Brand Loyalty Erosion

Want Loyalty? Stop Focusing on Features & Benefits

Dealers’ Sentiments Turn Sharply Positive for 2011
Rising commodity prices, projected improvements in farm net income and cash receipts are boosting dealers’ confidence for the year ahead.

Tier IV: Increasing Tier III Sales in 2010, Or A ‘Fly in the Ointment’ for 2011?

USDA: All Signals Point to Strong 2010-11 for U.S. Agriculture

Tying it All Together
Young’s Equipment has boosted the participation and profitability of its winter service program with a unique, customer-centered approach.

Industry Q&A
Are you seeing growing “interest” in tracks for combines, tractors and grain carts? What’s driving it? Do you expect to see increased sales of tracks in the next 3-5 years?

Dealer Profile: Kern Machinery Learning to Adapt on the ‘Go’
The intense, diverse agriculture of central California requires equipment dealers like Kern Machinery to be ready to change directions — on a dime.


Industry Q&A
What can farm equipment manufacturers do to actually help dealers be more successful in sales and service? What are your best manufacturers doing to help you in this regard?

Using the iPad to Move Iron
Apple’s new iPad has technology-lovers buzzing, and Degelman’s Jason Faulkner says farm equipment salespeople should take heed

How to Sell Series: Making a Case for the New Corn Heads
As growers’ demands on their harvesting equipment multiplies, so has the dealer’s task in communicating the capabilities of the new equipment

How Hay Equipment Affects Forage Quality
Besides the weather, how the crop is harvested is the most critical element in producing high-value hay

Dealer Profile: Bingham Equipment Co.

Winning Equipment Demo Programs

How-To-Sell Series: Combining Productivity with Quality Creates a Niche for Hay Mergers

How-To-Sell Series: Landrollers Present an Emerging Sales Niche
After years of use in Canada, landroller use is emerging in the U.S., and dealers are finding another niche product to offer growers...

Branson Follows TM's Lead for Entrepreneurial Edge
Bruce Sherer had an idea for a tractor. It wasn't a new idea, exactly, but something he'd been building...

How Dealers Can Cope with Shrinking Financing Options
Textron Financial Corp.'s decision to pull out of floorplan financing has left many farm equipment dealers facing...

How to Utilize Flat-Rate Billing in Your Service Department
Flat-rate billing is the keystone for any service department wishing to run at peak efficiency

How-To-Sell Series: Irrigation Complements Dealers’ Machinery Sales
What's the difference between a dealer selling farm equipment and one selling irrigation equipment?

'Keeping' Customers is Job One at Agri-Service
Prying customers away from competitors is always a challenge, but keeping the customers you already have also needs to be a priority.

Making a Case for Vertical Tillage
Despite its proven benefits, some equipment dealers have feared the practice of conservation tillage

Tractor Makers-AGCO Corp.
The Year Ahead. With our international manufacturing and marketing base, we're facing the double-edged sword...

Tractor Makers-Case IH
Planning for the Next 5 Years. Good times are always the best times...

Tractor Makers-John Deere
The Year Ahead. The core ag markets are in a cycle similar to that of...

Tractor Makers-Kubota
The Year Ahead. Nonetheless, we're looking forward to a tough year. Recently we counted the number of...

Tractor Makers-New Holland
The Year Ahead. This year should be even better than 2007...

Tractor Makers See Prospects and Problems Ahead
"We're probably living through a time right now that will be one of the best we'll ever see...

Tractor Makers-Tractor ‘Newcomers’ Confront Different Issues
Unlike the established tractor makers, the last decade has seen an influx of newcomers that face...

What is Collectible Efficiency and How Do You Improve It?
If you've ever wondered why your service department never seems to make money...