Updated July 5, 2024

"Access to VitalEdge’s IntelliDealer dealer management system via the CDK Global network was restored on June 26. As of July 3, most functionality has been fully restored with the exception of eLead that operates on a CDK Global platform. We continue to monitor its status and will inform clients as soon as that system is operational again," says VitalEdge President & CEO Jeff Hart 

On June 18, software company CDK Global was hit by a cyber attack that caused a system outage, leaving 15,000 auto dealers unable to use their business system, reports the Wall Street Journal. 

While CDK Global Heavy Equipment merged with e-Emphasys Technologies in May 2023 (now known as VitalEdge Technologies), ag dealers using IntelliDealer report they’ve been locked out of the system for days, needing to create work orders, invoices, etc., on paper. 

Bloomberg News reports the group behind the attack is demanding tens of millions of dollars in ransom. The group is reportedly based in Eastern Europe and Bloomberg reports that sources said CDK plans to pay the ransom to the group. 

Jeff Hart, president and CEO of VitalEdge Technologies, provided the following statement: 

Due to the cyber incident affecting CDK Global that occurred on June 18, access to VitalEdge’s IntelliDealer dealer management solution was interrupted. Our application infrastructure / network was not impacted by the CDK Global cyber incident and IntelliDealer mobile applications have remained fully operational, as they operate outside the CDK Global network.

In response to the CDK Global cyber incident, VitalEdge has implemented alternative access for certain users at all our clients and we intend to make this alternative access available to more users as quickly as possible. We are also actively exploring additional connectivity solutions to expedite the restoration of access to the IntelliDealer environment for more users.  

As part of our commitment to client support, we are offering complimentary access to IDMA (ID Mobile Access) until CDK Global’s network is substantially restored. IDMA provides IntelliDealer users with real-time mobile access to the application via a separate, unaffected network.

On June 22, CDK Global announced that CDK Global has initiated the restoration process, which they anticipate will take several days. 

We are staying in close communication with CDK so that we can provide updates to our clients, as we have done throughout this process. 

To enhance security, we are advising our clients to maintain heightened vigilance and remind their employees to be alert to potential phishing attempts. We recommend engaging only with known or validated VitalEdge or IntelliDealer associates, and never sharing sensitive information about system access or passwords. Our clients also should contact their VitalEdge associate directly by telephone to confirm that all communications are legitimate and not with a threat actor.

Hart says VitalEdge set up interim support channels staffed by its team to assist clients throughout the process. To contact support, dealers can email intellidealer-support@vitaledge.com or call toll-free 888-855-2916.

The National Automobile Dealers Assn. told its members to “be vigilant in checking all data when systems come back online,” the WSJ reports. According to the association, dealers should compare May 31 closing balances to June 1 opening balances to ensure there are no discrepancies. 

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