Updated July 5, 2024 

"Access to VitalEdge’s IntelliDealer dealer management system via the CDK Global network was restored on June 26. As of July 3, most functionality has been fully restored with the exception of eLead that operates on a CDK Global platform. We continue to monitor its status and will inform clients as soon as that system is operational again," says VitalEdge President & CEO Jeff Hart 

On June 18, software company CDK Global was hit by a cyber attack causing a system-side outage that left dealers unable to access their business system and carry out day-to-day activities. 

While CDK Global Heavy Equipment merged with E-Emphasys Technologies in May 2023 and is now part of VitalEdge, dealers using IntelliDealer have been locked out. 

While the VitalEdge servers are separate from the CDK servers, CDK Global restricted access to them all as a safety precaution. 

On June 22, CDK Global announced it had initiated the restoration process and by June 26, systems were back up and running. 

VitalEdge Technologies president and CEO says VitalEdge’s application infrastructure and network were not impacted by the cyber attack. IntelliDealer mobile applications remain fully operational as they operate outside the CDK Global network, he says. 

While some dealers report needing to revert to pen and paper work orders and invoices, Stotz Equipment’s IT department maintains much of its data outside the VitalEdge system as well as what goes into the business system. 

We have a really awesome IT department, and so I think they've done a great job of... There's a lot of the data that we have in CDK we already download into our own databases to use for our own purposes, and so there's actually a lot of our data that we have access to independent of CDK. And so they've done a great job of building tools and making workarounds so that we can still function.

"So as an example, I think within the first 24 hours that we were down, they built a tool that gave our parts departments access to bin locations for all of our parts inventory. So our parts departments can't actually, if they can figure out that the customer wants this particular part, they can know where to go look for it in the warehouse, which without access to CDK, I'm guessing most dealerships would struggle with that."

Despite the tools Stotz was able to use during the outage, Rosztoczy said it would still take time to get all the data gathered during that period into IntelliDealer. 

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