The American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE) recently announced the winners of its 2023 Azbee Awards recognizing outstanding work by B2B, trade, association and professional publications. The editors of Farm Equipment Magazine received national and regional recognition in several categories for their coverage on the Electrification of Ag (Technical Article) and Service Management (Single Topic Coverage by a Team)

"The Azbee Awards are highly competitive and to have our team's efforts recognized at this level is an incredible honor," says Kim Schmidt, Executive Editor of Farm Equipment. "We're extremely proud of this editorial coverage and the insight and actionable strategies we could share with our audience on these key industry topics. It was a true team effort."

In April, Farm Equipment was awarded a Regional Gold Award for their coverage on the Electrification of Ag that was featured in the publication's June 2022 issue. On May 10, at the 2023 National Azbee Awards Banquet, it was announced this coverage was also awarded a National Silver Award.

Farm Equipment and Ag Equipment Intelligence editors dug into what the major players in the industry were doing as it relates to electric farm equipment as well as what farmers and dealers alike thought about its feasibility. This project included extensive research as well as interviewing, in addition to surveying two audiences — farmers and equipment dealers — and analyzing the results.

Electrification of Ag / National Silver Award, Regional Gold Award

Political and legislative pressure to reduce and limit carbon emissions has reached the ag industry. As pressure comes from the outside, manufacturers have needed to respond with new technology and energy sources to power the large ag equipment that is used in producing the world's food. While the pressure to go electric might be coming from the outside, those close to the use and sale of farm equipment are convinced the power is there to run the equipment. Awarded to: Dan Crummett, Contributing Writer; Michaela Paukner, Managing Editor; Mike Lessiter, Editor/Publisher

Additional recognition came by way of Farm Equipment's look at service management at the dealership. This coverage was the culmination of the annual Dealership Minds Summit, which in 2022 was centered around the theme "Next Level Service Management." While the articles filled much of the October/November 2022 issue, the project itself was a year in the making, with the planning beginning in the late fall of 2021.

Take Your Service Management to the Next Level / Regional Bronze Award

The service department of any farm equipment dealership is a significant contributor to the company's bottom line and customer satisfaction. Thus, the management of the service department at any dealership is critical to the business' success. The articles, as well as numerous web-only articles that accompanied the print component, were based on the presentations given during the 2-day Dealership Minds Summit. Editors spent the preceding months finding dealers who excel in service management who could help share best practices with their peers. Awarded to: Mike Lessiter, Editor/Publisher; Kim Schmidt, Executive Editor; Michaela Paukner, Managing Editor; Noah Newman, Associate Editor; Ben Thorpe, Associate Editor; Libby Wawzenek, Contributing Writer

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