GeoPard Ag, a leading provider of agricultural analytics solutions, has launched a state-of-the-art analytics portal tailored for farmers and dealers leveraging John Deere technology. The portal offers advanced tools and insights to help optimize farming operations, enhance precision agriculture, and support dealers in their role as agricultural advisors.

To experience the benefits of GeoPard's analytics portal, register for a free trial at, which offers 250 acres of analytics for free for upcoming planting and spraying operations.

GeoPard's analytics portal augments MyJohnDeere Operations Center with yield, soil, topography, and satellite imagery analytics, providing users with a comprehensive understanding of their farming operations. The platform integrates seamlessly with MyJohnDeere Operations Center, expanding the capabilities of the existing digital ag platform and enhancing the user experience.

The analytics portal offers a range of complementary features tailored to both dealers and growers. For dealers, the platform provides valuable insights into their customers' operations, enabling them to offer personalized support and recommendations. Farmers benefit from automated data-sync, support of various geospatial data formats, and the ability to create variable rate maps based on multiple data sources.

GeoPard's analytics portal seamlessly integrates with John Deere HarvestLab™ 3000, providing farmers and dealers with valuable information on oil and protein content in their crops. This data helps users make informed decisions on crop management, marketing, and processing to maximize profitability. For instance, by correlating yield, field potential, and protein levels, farmers can adjust fertilizer and seeding levels to maximize their field potential. This data-driven approach enables them to optimize inputs and achieve higher crop quality while maintaining sustainability and cost-efficiency in their farming operations.

"The portal enhances farmer and dealer experiences by optimizing agronomy, assessing nutrient efficiency, and enriching MyJohnDeere Ops Center with imagery, soil, and analytics data layers," says Dmitry Dementiev, GeoPard CEO

The platform offers seamless bi-directional automated synchronization between Connected GeoPard and MyJohnDeere Operations Center, providing users with the latest data and insights. It enables the calculation of Nutrient Efficiency using multi-layer or equation-based analytics, incorporating proprietary formulas and research from universities.

Furthermore, the portal simplifies the creation of Variable Rate Application (VRA) maps with just a few clicks, empowering farmers and dealers to make informed decisions on the go. These VRA maps leverage the same advanced analytics techniques, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information for optimizing farming operations.

To better illustrate the value of the analytics portal for both dealers and end customers, comprehensive documentation is available on the GeoPard website, detailing the platform's key features and benefits, GeoPard/Operations Center Tutorial.

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