Fast Facts

Customer Segment: Growers in dry climates that expereince drought often.

Key Selling Point: Product can mimic rainfall during the most crucial times to get water to your crops 

360 RAIN is an autonomous irrigation and manure application system that follows the rows and applies whatever the crop needs right at the base of the plant throughout the growing season.

“It’s designed to work across your field once a week throughout the growing season, applying water, nitrogen and whatever kind of nutrients you want to inject into that water stream as well as the opportunity to bring manure to that plant and really get more in-season benefit out of manure,” says Tim Sauder, director of product development at 360 Yield Center. 

Sauder says the product is ideal for a very wide range of customers from smaller farms to larger farms because the overall goal is to improve the efficiency and profitability of every acre. 

“From a dealer standpoint, we’re looking to continue to expand and work with partners in different regions,” Sauder says. 

360 RAIN will have its next round of available products to purchase in the 2024 season.