Väderstad's Carrier XL 30 and XL 40 High-Speed Discs offer numerous advantages in weight, durability, ground following capabilities, residue flow and versatility over existing options in the marketplace.

The Carrier XL 30 has a 30-foot working width, while the XL 40 has a 40-foot one. The XL 30 has a three-section design, and the XL 40 has a five-section design with active hydraulic wing down pressure, allowing the implements to follow horizontal ground contours much more closely than competitive discs. A floating hitch with a long cylinder stroke offers greater flexibility for vertical contours as well.

Three disc options are offered for the Carrier XL 30 and XL 40. These include 20- and 24-inch-diameter notched True Cut discs. Also available are 20-inch-diameter Crosscutter discs, which provide full-width ground contact for use in cover crops or sizing small grain residue. The discs are interchangeable to accommodate different applications and field conditions. For added versatility, operators can change the blade angle to 11, 13 or 17 degrees.

Disc spacing on the Carrier XL is 9.875 inches. The maintenance-free sealed disc bearings were specifically engineered for the Carrier XL to provide excellent service life and protection from the elements.

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