Milwaukee BOLT is the first system that allows users to secure accessories simultaneously for a complete head protection solution. Eye Visors, Polycarbonate Face Shields, Metal Mesh Face Shields and a specially designed BOLT REDLITHIUM USB Headlamp are among the system components offered.

The BOLT Eye Visors are designed to provide users with the best fit and easy headlamp use. The Visors are classified as spectacles and can be used in place of safety glasses with a Z87.1+ rating. Designed with a wide range of face shapes in mind, the Visors feature dual pivoting adjustment points for a precise and comfortable fit.

BOLT Full Face Shields are designed for long-lasting visibility, featuring an ANSI Z87.1+ rating, a fog-free interior coating and an anti-scratch exterior hard coating for an extended lifetime. For ease of installation, the Shields quickly secure into the BOLT front slots on Milwaukee head protection.

Constructed with a highly durable stainless steel, the BOLT Mesh Full Face Shield protects users from debris in chipping and cutting applications and provides maximum durability. These ANSI Z87.1 rated Face Shields feature an optimal shield width and mesh pattern design that offers a consistent wide and clear field of view.

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