Fast Facts

Customer Segment: Farms with narrow row space and & steep hill grounds 

Key Selling Point: Stainless steel hood and snout, spring-loaded shoe to eliminate snout damage

The Mainero MDD200 is the third generation of Mainero’s row-independent corn heads. The MDD200 differs from its predecessors with its longer and thinner snout, a new deck plate design and has 60% more lugs on the gathering chain for improved crop intake.

According to Mike Siroski, sales manager of Saskatchewan-based GBC Distributors, Mainero’s sole North American distributor, farmers’ ideas and market trends have influenced the new MDD200. 

“All of those ideas, all of those thoughts from the American farmer have been rolled into the MDD200 to take care of everybody’s needs,” he says. 

Siroski says the MDD200 is the only corn head on the market with a stainless-steel hood and snout and one of the few corn heads with a row-independent design. He says the design has been in the U.S. market for 5 years, in multiple generations. 

The MDD200 had its “soft launch” in September 2021, after COVID-19 delays. 

The ideal customer for the MDD200 has narrow row spacing and terraced ground, according to Siroski. “This product shines in Kansas and Missouri, in areas of steep ground and narrow corn,” he says.