The North American Equipment Dealers Association (NAEDA) announces that the transition period is complete, and the new organization has successfully unified three regional equipment dealer associations with the Equipment Dealers Association. NAEDA is one of the most well-respected and fastest-growing equipment dealer associations in North America and has represented equipment dealers in North America since 1889. 

"We have consolidated our resources — taking the best of all four organizations to enhance our value proposition to dealers," said Kim Rominger, NAEDA president & CEO. "A major reason for proceeding with this merger is our members will benefit from a larger, financially strong association that will provide more services to address the needs of today's equipment dealers."

With continued efforts to provide advocacy, business services and workforce development solutions to equipment dealers, NAEDA advises that the proper governance and management structure has been put into place to continue to serve dealers' interests and needs. 

NAEDA has identified the following items as priorities: 

  • Manufacturer Relations: NAEDA has a long-standing working relationship with manufactures and regularly discusses dealer issues, changes to dealer contracts and manufacturer policies. Manufacturer advisory panels will be established as part of this unification effort. 
  • Government Affairs: NAEDA has over 175 years of staff experience in serving federal governmental affairs in both Washington DC and Ottawa, in addition to a successful track record of dealer representation in state and provincial capitals. 
  • Training: Delivered through NAEDA's Dealer Institute, NAEDA offers the necessary training needed to take their dealership staff to the next level, and to increase operational excellence. 
  • Data & Information: NAEDA has a track record of providing industry information of value to members. This includes the Dealer Manufacturer Relations Survey, the Cost of Doing Business Study, Wage & Benefit Survey, and many more. 
  • Business Services: With NAEDA's partner Equipment Dealer Consulting, the company offers M&A services, valuations, certified audits, as well as tax and succession strategies — all with an equipment dealership focus. 
  • Events: Meet all of your fellow dealers and industry partners in one place, through the North American Dealer Conference or Dealer of Tomorrow sessions. 

NAEDA is the largest equipment dealer association in North America with over 4000 members and is governed by a volunteer dealer board of directors. NAEDA will be hosting its first board meeting July 25-26, 2022, and will refine its strategic plan for the future at that meeting. 

NAEDA will continue its working relationship with regional equipment dealer associations that were affiliated with NAEDA in the past. 

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