Milwaukee expands their M18 FUEL QUIK-LOK Attachment System with the introduction of three new attachments: the Brush Cutter, Rubber Broom and Bristle Brush attachments. The Brush Cutter Attachment is designed to tackle demanding applications, such as tall grass, weeds, and thick brush. Featuring a 4-tooth blade design, the Brush Cutter has the power to cut down saplings and small diameter trees.

The Rubber Broom Attachment is the ideal solution for quickly clearing rocks and other debris off grass and hard surfaces without the risk of surface damage. With a 23 inch clearing capacity, the tool has the power to move large puddles of standing water and snow up to 3 inches deep. In addition, the guard design provides best-in-class material containment to prevent the unwanted spread of debris while the rubber paddles feature a reinforced design to be sturdier throughout the tool’s lifetime.

Designed for hard surfaces, the Bristle Brush Attachment delivers increased efficiency when clearing unwanted material off pavement, blacktop and sidewalks. With a 23 inch clearing capacity, the bristles deliver the power and access needed to quickly clean out debris between cracks in sidewalk or pavement.

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