This robot by Lemken Group comes with artificial intelligence to teach itself telling weeds apart from sugar beets.

This machine is its own teacher. The IC-Weeder AI (artificial intelligence) by Steketee constantly learns which plants are sugar beets and which aren’t – to then hoe the latter. Even in unfavorable conditions, it decides correctly in far over 95% of cases. Given it keeps learning, it is constantly improving that value.

With that, it scored big point with our international FARM MACHINE 2022 jury of experts and wins the award in the category of Mechanical Weed Control.

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The manufacturer marked marked down sugar beet plants in different stages of development for the already known IC-Weeder. They equipped it with an algorithm that enables it to learn independently.

Receiving 30 pictures per second from the onboard cameras, the IC-Weeder AI decides whether it is dealing with a beet or a weed. It then removes the latter with its sickle-shaped knives. The IC-Weeder AI is already available for European markets for the 2022 sugar beet season at a working width of 3 meters.

FARM MACHINE 2022 – These are this year’s stars in the field

A jury of experts, formed by 14 farming media brands from North America and Europe, award this title bienually during Agritechnica, the world’s leading trade fair on farm equipment. They evaluate equipment in 12 categories from “Tractor XXL“ to “Logistics“. Additionally, farmers, contractors and operators from all over the world voted on their favorite pieces of equipment for the FARM MACHINE 2022 Audience Choice Award. The award is organized by traction magazine.

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