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New Holland Rochester Finds Solution to Void Left by Agri-Sync

New Holland Rochester CEO Jesse Straeter walks through how dealers can use Gorgias, a customer service software program that connects all your communication channels ‚ phone, live chat, email, text and more.

Greg Peterson: Potential Trouble Ahead in Used Farm Equipment Market

This Feb. 27 video from Machinery Pete alerts the buyers and sellers to a potential risk factor ahead; due to continued supply chain issues and the already on-fire used equipment market. 

CNH Industrial’s Scott Wine Talks with CNBC About Ukraine, Other Issues

Following CNH Indutrial’s Capital Market Day on Feb. 22, CEO Scott Wine was interviewed on Worldwide Exchange on CNBC to discuss how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is impacting the company and industry,  the state of commodity inflation, government regulation, and innovations and sustainability.

5 Mistakes I Made Buying Equipment at Auctions!

This video shows a dealer’s first-hand experience in buying equipment at auctions, providing you and your customers with good “buyer-beware” tips in these crazy bull-run times. Yes, motivated farmers can secure hard-to-find units on the spot, but as Messick’s found out, surprises should be expected.

8 Farm Equipment Strategies for the Dealer of the Future

Shay Foulk and Chris Barron discuss 8 key topics in farm equipment management for 2022 and beyond. The time and effort in partner relationships, clear communication and commitment to a plan/strategy will separate operations in the next decade, and drive success for years to come. 

8 Farm Equipment Strategies for the Dealer of the Future

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Best of the Web This Week is brought to you by CLEANFIX.

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