Farm Equipment editors encounter a variety of articles, social media posts, podcasts and videos that offer a unique look at various aspects of our great farm machinery industry. Here is our favorite content from the past week from across the web. “Best of the Web This Week" is brought to you by CLEANFIX

Dealer Success Academy — The Future of Electric & Battery Powered Equipment

During Rural Lifestyle Dealer’s Dealer Success Academy, 4 product experts share their insights into how the electric & battery powered equipment market has grown in recent years and what dealers can expect in the future, including what it will mean for their business.

Manufacturer Exec Howard Dahl Shares First Hand Look at Ukraine Situation

North Dakota farm machinery manufacturing executive Howard Dahl talks about his 90-plus trips to the Ukraine and personal observations on the war in this 2-minute AgWeek video. You can hear more on Dahl’s business from this podcast from Farm Equipment’s Ag Entrepreneurs Series.

PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: New Closing Wheel Hits Market — The Germinator

What makes the Germinator unique, says Farm Shop CEO Tony Wendler, is the design’s inner-rim shoulder-firmer, which encases the seed with soil, maximizing seed-to-soil contact. Wendler’s Iowa-based company has availability for spring planting, and is also about release a new Nylon 6 or “plastic steel” version.  

What Do Growers Think about the All-in-One Autonomous NEXAT?

Grain and oilseed grower Clinton Monchuck of Saskatchewan, Canada, offers some initial thoughts and questions about the NEXAT all-in-one autonomous platform in this virtual discussion with Future Farming.

Service Truck Tour by Sloan Implement’s ‘You-Tubing Tech’ Zeth Key

We just discovered this excellent YouTube video series (“ZK MasterTech”) by Illinois’ Sloan Implement’s Zeth Key, a John Deere Master Ag Tech. His frequent posts describe life as a service tech, what he says is one of the most rewarding and challenging careers out there. And take a look at his Sloan Implement-provided truck, what he dubs the FAV, or Farm Assault Vehicle.

Book About Hesston Corporation Documents Farm Equipment Innovation

“In a world where venture capital often looks for problems to solve with existing solutions, it’s refreshing to read about how one entrepreneur did the opposite, working hard to find solutions to farmers’ problems,” Ag Attorney Todd Janzen writes in his blog about Factory on the Plains: Lyle Yost and Hesston Corporation.

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Best of the Web This Week is brought to you by CLEANFIX.

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