Fast Facts

Customer Segment: Precision-focused growers who want to know more about their application

Key Selling Point: Individual row control allows for precise application of multiple products

Sentinel offers instant in-cab notifications of blockages or flow variations, measuring every row with E-Mag flow meter technology. No moving parts means less downtime and more bushels in the bin. In late 2021, SureFire Ag added individual row control to the capabilities offered in the Sentinel product line.

Matt Micek, sales & support manager at SureFire Ag, says row control allows farmers to customize the application rate of each individual row.

“We started with row monitoring and then rate control capabilities,” Micek says. “But row flow control uses valves installed on every row that are controlled by a flow meter module to ensure the desired application rate is achieved every time. And it’s compatible with most ISOBUS displays, meaning it’s one ECU with multiple functions.”

Micek says the row control system is for farmers who need reliable precision and don’t have time to deal with clogged orifices or failed row monitors. “Sentinel is popular with farmers who can’t afford to not know what’s going on in their fields,” he says. “And in many cases, it pays for itself. If a problem isn’t detected or a product isn’t applied correctly, the lost yield would cost the farmer more than this technology costs.”

Micek says dealers can benefit from the availability of SureFire’s experts for customers who are having problems with their system. 

“Since our systems are so reliable, your customers will have fewer issues anyway,” Micek says. “But end users can contact SureFire directly to talk the producer through the troubleshooting process if need be. We offer convenient phone, text and email support with extended hours during peak seasons.”