According to the results of Rural Lifestyle Dealer’s annual dealer survey, just one-third of dealers anticipate sales growth of at least 2% this year. That breaks a string of 5 straight years where at least half of dealers anticipated growth heading into the new year. 

In fact, 56% anticipated growth heading into 2021 and 64% anticipated growth heading into 2018.

Many of this year’s more pessimistic dealers still think revenue will be in line with last year. However, more dealers are thinking they’ll have a down sales year than in years past. Roughly 32% of dealers think revenue from rural lifestylers and landscape contractors will decline this year, compared to just 19% one year ago.

Nonetheless, many dealers continue to march forward with the goal of not leaving any potential money on the table.

“Manufacturers are demanding orders, although they have no clue as to delivery or build dates,” one dealer said. “Everyone is flying by the seat of their pants. If all of these orders are somehow delivered, there will be the largest glut of new inventory ever witnessed.”

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