The DASH product line from PhiBer Mfg. is a multi-chemical high speed sprayer loading system. The primary focus on design and function is to keep the sprayer moving. By dramatically reducing loading times and retaining efficacy of chemicals, more acres will be sprayed while reducing sprayer idle time.

Potential for loading and operational errors are greatly reduced with the simplicity and efficiency the DASH incorporates. By pre-loading chemicals into the DASH inductors, the priority focuses on loading the sprayer and getting it back to work. Once the DASH is pre-loaded, all the main controls are handled from the side of the DASH with a single operator. Our system easily allows incorporation of “A” / “B” products in the correct order. Foaming products are also well controlled by vacuum dumping into a 3 inch manifold without venturis.

The exhaustive DASH product offering, from the base unit to the myriad of options, can customize this package to whatever the operation requires.

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