Fast Facts

Customer Segment: Hog, dairy and cattle farmers

Key Selling Point: Comes with a new drive system to reduce unload time and a new rear supplement hopper

The H&S Grinder Mixer is a feed mixer with a self-contained hydraulic system with a pulley-driven pump and a 15 gallon reservoir. The Grinder Mixer comes with magnets to remove any metal that may accidentally mix with the material entering the mill and a 240 degree swing radius of the unloading auger that allows repositioning of the discharge auger without moving the unit.

H&S’ Grinder Mixer has been around since 2007, but Ron Zygarlicke, product/marketing manager with H&S Manufacturing, says the newly updated Grinder Mixer got new features based on feedback from customers.

“One of the places we made changes was the drive system,” he says. “Farmers were looking for a reduction in unload time, and we accomplished that, from 10 minutes in the previous model to 5-6 minutes in this new model. Another thing that customers asked for was the addition of a rear supplement hopper, which is now an option.”

Zygarlicke sees hog and cattle/dairy farmers as ideal customers for the newly updated Grinder Mixer and adds that many customers are looking to keep tighter control of their feed.

“For some farmers, the cost of taking their feed to the mill and having it ground is a big turn off,” he says. “The risk of getting someone else’s feed from the mill also motivates some customers to grind it themselves, since some mills measure by weight, and you run the risk of getting a portion of someone else’s grain.”