Koenig Equipment, a 15-store John Deere dealership in Indiana and Ohio, announced it is now a dealer of Salford Group products, including BBI spreaders and Valmar chassis mounted air booms.

Salford Group offers the following equipment:

BBI Spinner Spreaders Hydraulic Drive

  • Magnaspread
  • Magnaspread 2
  • Magnaspread 3
  • John Deere Chassis
  • Mounted Spinner
  • Spreader
  • Chassis Mounted
  • Spinner Spreader
  • Javelin Spinner Spreader
  • Option
  • Sniper
  • Liberty HDR
  • Grasshopper HDR

Valmar Chassis Mounted Air Booms

  • John Deere Chassis
  • Mounted Air Boom
  • Case IH Chassis
  • Mounted Air Boom

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