Precision Planting's Reveal frame-mounted row cleaner technology offers farmers improved row unit ride and downforce consistency. Because Reveal is frame mounted, impact on the row unit is removed. With its own internal gauge wheel, Reveal precisely controls the depth of the cleaning tines to create a consistently clean and ideal seeding environment for even emergence to occur.

Reveal is able to set the depth of row cleaning tines from cleaned soil, unlike traditional row cleaners, which set the depth of cleaning times from soil combined with residue. A traditional row cleaner configuration can make it difficult to fully penetrate the residue mat and sufficiently clean the row. Reveal has independent pressure adjustment and cleaning tine depth adjustment, so its user can set the pressure needed to keep the internal gauge wheel on the ground. This helps eliminate row cleaner bounce and allows the user to then use a T-handle to set exactly how deep the cleaning tines should operate in a particular field to ensure excellent row cleaning.

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